The Company

About us

DW-Corp is an impact investments management and advisory services company.
We believe that every investment should have a positive impact.

Built on an entrepreneurial background and using market -based solutions, we provide a bridge between social impact and profitability.

Our experience and network is the key to success in a difficult and challenging business environment.


Our Vision

To be the most respected impact investments support services and business development partner.

We strive to break down barriers restricting access to markets.


Our approach starts with an initial complimentary review of the overall objective, then market research and feasibility study, to determine viability and suitability.

We provide a comprehensive business plan of action that includes projections, as well as probability testing on multiple scenarios that drive our recommendations.

Each project and organization /client has a dedicated account manager, always available to provide timely progress reports. We take an active engagement in the supervision and management of all our projects to ensure a solid risk-adjusted return and positive impact.

We take a comprehensive AND prudent planning approach. We have a systematized, iterative approach to designing, implementing and monitoring our projects to help achieve our goals.


We bridge the gap between POTENTIAL and REALITY.

DW-Corp provides you a platform and the means to effectively unlock business potential.

We understand and appreciate that what works in one context, may not succeed in an altogether different setting, hence we provide practical guidance profiling each opportunity and describing a fitting solution.


Corporate Social Responsibility

DW-Corp is actively engaged in environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.

We are passionate about creating positive, measurable social impact, while ensuring financial returns for our partners. We believe that prudent business is predicated on having a positive social impact in addition to financial return.