Business focus

DW-Corp identifies and develops investment opportunities.
We focus our investments on the following core areas:


  • Out – Licensing
  • Manufacturer Representation
  • Pharma/MedTech distribution
  • National Registrations

DW-Corp invests in solutions to establish a stable supply of pharma/MedTech products to new markets. Our approach is to work closely with the manufacturers to build awareness and distribution networks.


  • Renewable energy
    (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass)
  • Electricity Generation

Access to electricity facilitates sustainable social growth. We purpose to implement sustainable renewable energy projects especially in emerging markets.

We advocate for renewable energy sources which are sustainable from both an economic and an environmental perspective.


  • Affordable housing developments

We believe that affordable housing can be achieved where each step of the supply and demand side value-chains function efficiently. We purpose to fill the gap with suitable flexible options.

Value Addition Processing

  • Value addition processing
  • Manufacturing

We purpose to tap into the emerging markets’ production potential.